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Chromalink Digoxigenin One-Shot Conjugation Antibody Kit (MVS-B-9014-009K)

DIG label your antibody with greater confidence, consistency and reproducibility. The ChromaLink™ Digoxigenin One-Shot antibody labeling kit is a convenient, cost-effective way to incorporate a digoxigenin label into a single 100 ug quantity of antibody, all in about 90 minutes.

  • Complete Kit, contains sufficient material to DIG label 100 micrograms of Antibody
  • Fast and easy method to DIG label and determine the amount of labeling
  • Label and determine the extent of DIG incorporation with one reagent
  • Simple calculations based on UV absorbance estimates total DIG incorporation (moles of DIG per mole of protein/peptide
  • Nondestructive assay does not destroy DIG labeled sample

This advanced digoxigenin labeling reagent contains an embedded bis-aryl hydrazone structure, which forms the compoundуs UV-traceable chromophore; after incorporation, digoxigenin is rapidly quantified using a non-destructive UV-scan (220-400 nm). This traceable signature enables the nondestructive and direct quantification of digoxigenin attached to the antibody.Digoxigenin has long been used as an alternative hapten reporter system to the streptavidin/biotin system. In more recent times, this reporter system has also been used side-by-side with the biotin-streptavidin system for the detection of multiplexed antigens. Unlike the biotin reporter system, digoxigenin incorporation has never had any known method of quantifying incorporated label like the biotin HABA assay, until now.The kit features high antibody recoveries (50-80%) with consistent digoxigenin incorporation. The degree of incorporation or molar substitution ratio (MSR) ranges from 2-8 digoxigenin molecules per antibody. This kit can be used to label a diverse group of antibodies including all mammalian IgG, IgE, and avian IgY molecules.





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