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APC-Antibody Conjugation Kit (MVS-P-9903-001)

Includes everything needed to makeup to 1mg of great APC-Antibody conjugates.

HydraLink™ conjugation technology allows you to more easily and efficiently prepare APC-antibody conjugates. The kit includes all the reagents and buffers needed to perform the two step conjugation to label up to 2 X 0.5 mg of antibody.

Our APC‐antibody bioconjugation technology is superior to the maleimido/thiol‐based method as it is:

  • More efficient
  • Greater than 95% of antibody is converted to conjugate
  • More easily purified
    In most cases, the percent conversion of free antibody to conjugate is 100%, leaving no unconjugated antibody. Therefore it is only necessary to purify out the excess APC to obtain a purified conjugate. In many applications even, purification is not necessary. Controllable: the level of polymerization, and therefore the brightness of the conjugate, can be controlled by adjusting the level of HyNic‐modification on the antibody. In flow cytometry applications, heterodimer product is required and preparation of this construct can be easily optimized using this technology.Gentle on Antibodies: Other conjugation methods expose thiols on antibodies by DTT reduction of disulfide bonds, which cleaves the antibody into a variety of species.Solulink’s technology, however, gently incorporates HyNic moieties on the intact antibody.





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